Hewlett Packard joins the Strategic Partnership with CS Loxinfo

04 June 2015

RapidCloud International plc (AIM: RCI), the computing services, web-hosting and web-solutions provider based in Southeast Asia, announces Hewlett Packard (“HP”) has joined its strategic partnership with CS Loxinfo PCL ("CS Loxinfo”) to deliver the Company’s enterprise software across Thailand.

The partnership, announced on 19 February 2015, allows CS Loxinfo to offer its customers a selection of RapidCloud’s enterprise applications, beginning with RapidCRM, the Company’s sales automation and management tool, that has been modified for the Thai market with seamless integration into a number of backend systems. With the addition of HP to the strategic partnership, RapidCRM will be delivered to the end users over the HP Helion OpenStack (“HP Helion”) platform with multiple large-bandwidth redundant connections to International and domestic Internet gateways over a secure and scalable on-premise or public cloud delivery environment.

CS Loxinfo is one of the most long standing and recognised ISP brands in Thailand with a considerable and wide-reaching customer base and is expected to target up to 100 SME customers during the first year of the partnership. HP is one of the most successful and recognised IT solutions providers in the world. Therefore, all parties within this strategic partnership complement each other well in delivering secure and scalable cloud services with a wide variety of Software As A Service offerings, with RapidCloud receiving a share of the software revenue and CS Loxinfo and HP receiving either project-based or Infrastructure As A Service subscription based revenue over the term of the strategic partnership.

As previously stated, Telecommunication companies play a central role in RapidCloud's growth strategy and the Group continues to seek similar partner channel opportunities, which complement its strong direct sales model.

Raymond Chee, Managing Director of RapidCloud, said: “CS Loxinfo is one of the market leaders in the Thailand Internet Services and Systems Integration industry, and the inclusion of Hewlett Packard within our strategic partnership is a very positive development in terms of our customers’ user experience and for RapidCloud’s status within the global software and services industry.

“There is fast growing demand amongst Thai SMEs and Enterprises for Business SaaS and we are confident that the addition of HP will significantly accelerate our penetration of this important market.”

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About RapidCloud

RapidCloud, one of the few integrated subscription-based computing solutions providers in Malaysia that offers its services through all three currently available segments of cloud computing. The Company is based in Southeast Asia and is one of the few solutions providers in the region to deliver its offerings through all three available Cloud Computing segments, i.e. Software-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service.

Formed in 1999 the Company has a well-established cloud offering with a customer base of 37,000. These are predominantly SMEs but also include blue-chip clients such as Deloitte, BAE Systems and Canon, for which RapidCloud’s extensive R&D department creates bespoke software solutions.

RapidCloud currently has operations in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines and has plans to expand into Indonesia. According to industry research commissioned by RapidCloud from Frost & Sullivan in 2013, the Cloud Computing industry in Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a CAGR of 49.6% between 2013 and 2015, giving a market size of US45.6 billion by 2015.

RapidCloud International plc was admitted to AIM on 14 August 2013.